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"I was able to name my road for emergency purposes. Now is that cool or what!" Ambassador Sally Jean Jensen Ambassador Matt Oltersdorf presents president of Wilderness Center Astronomy Club, Robin Gill, with a framed commemorative Eros image. February 23, 2001 Kay Ferrari receives JPL's Award for Excellence. May, 2001 Space Day Kickoff Event - Pictured: Darin Stephens, Alan Rich, Kay Ferrari, John Glenn, Sally Ride, Ellis Miner and Vance Coffman.
Rob Masten, Eileen Poling, and Angel Sanabria in Puerto Rico Ambassador Tibi Marin and Cosmonauts Alexander Martynov and Pavel Vinogradov Ambassador Greg Redfern's 20 kilogram (44 pounds) Campo del Cielo meteorite Kay Ferrari and Ambassador Randy Cassingham at JPL
Ambassador Greg Shanos and iron meteorite at McDonald Observatory. Ambassador Keith Steinhurst (second to left), US Army physician and Solar System Ambassador, stationed and presenting in Iraq. April 2003 Ambassador Keith Steinhurst (second to right), US Army physician and Solar System Ambassador, stationed and presenting in Iraq. April 2003 Left to right: Eileen Poling, Nancy Edwards, John Glenn, Jenny Iley, Kay Ferrari. Space Day Kickoff, 2003
Kids' Constellations from Open House $40 Planetarium Lemoore High School teacher Larry Guevera, student mural artist Ricardo Ramirez, and Ambassador Janet Wood. Rockets-For-Schools Mission Control. Principal Science Investigator for MER Steven Squyres with the MER test vehicle and a model of the Delta II rocket.
MER science team group photo: Mike Malin, James F Bell III, Dr Catherin Weitz, Greg Mehall, Dr James Rice, Steven Silverman, Karen McBride, Sheri Klug and Matt Golombek. John Glenn, Gordon Cooper, John Young, and Buzz Aldrin at the Induction Ceremony at Kennedy Space Center Jim Lovell and Sally Ride at the Induction Ceremony at Kennedy Space Center Solar System Ambassadors Loretta McKibben and Scott Girard at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (University of Arizona) in Tucson.


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