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Solar System Ambassador Profile

Kenneth Kremer


Ambassador Since 2005

Lawrenceville, New Jersey 8648
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Biographical Information:


Photo of Ambassador Kenneth Kremer Since early childhood, Ken has had a lifelong fascination and love for space exploration, astronomy and science. His interactive presentations to a variety of groups have been enjoyed by people of all ages from kids to teenagers to adults. He is an active member of The Planetary Society and the Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton (AAAP), doing public outreach to educate and excite the general public and to encourage kids to study science. His education includes a PhD in organic chemistry from SUNY Stony Brook and postdoctoral studies in Germany. As a life sciences chemist for a leading international company, his research has resulted in over two dozen scientific publications and patents and furthered his experience of different cultures. Ken is trained in CPR and the use of Heart defibrillators.

Ken was part of a 4 person international team credited with a "Spirit" magazine cover image and an "Opportunity" panorama of Duck Bay at Victoria Crater. His Mars Rover images have appeared in other media as well.

Ken published a Mars review article on the cover of the Journal of the Explorers Club in Summer 2007 and has participated at Mars Day at the National Air and Space Museum. He attended the Dawn spacecraft launch in September 2007 and his launch blogs from the Kennedy Space Center appeared online.


Past events hosted by this Ambassador:

DAWN Launch: Go Dawn Go Delta
Planetary Society Weblog

Mars, Saturn and Comets in 3-D at Family Astro Night
Orchard Hill Elementary School

Atlantis Returns after Rejuvenating Hubble (Part 1)
The Planetary Society Online

Rittenhouse Astronomical Society

Up Close with LRO and LCROSS: US Returns to the Moon
Princeton University


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