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Solar System Ambassador Profile

Laurice Dee


Ambassador Since 1998

Mesa, Arizona 85204
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Biographical Information:


Photo of Ambassador Laurice Dee Laurice Dee is an oral deaf professional with a doctorate. After following the Galileo mission for almost a year, Dr. Dee joined the Galileo Ambassadors Program right after it was established in 1998. Since she also followed numerous solar system, Earth/Moon, and deep sky missions, transitioning to the JPL Solar System Ambassadors Program was quite natural for her.

As part of her public outreach, Dr. Dee has given numerous slide and poster presentations on the following missions: Galileo, Cassini, Stardust, Ulysses, Voyagers 1 and 2, Earth/Sun missions, and missions to our Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto, and the Kuiper Belt. She also writes articles for publication in various astronomy newsletters and websites. Since Dr. Dee is on Facebook, she has shared numerous astronomy- and solar system-related news with interested individuals, as well as with the public.

Besides her involvement as a Solar System Ambassador, Dr. Dee has devoted her time and energies to the welfare of cetaceans and other sea life and the health of our oceans through research, education, info sharing, and advocacy. Since cetaceans and other sea life hardly cease to be bombarded by all kinds of human threats that pose a great deal of danger to their lives, she continues to work diligently to bring awareness on their various plights and will never give up fighting on their behalf as well.

During her spare time, Dr. Dee enjoys the following: lap swimming, hiking, aviation, traveling, sightseeing, and sky-watching.


Past events hosted by this Ambassador:

Boy Scout Merit Badge - Space Exploration
Boy Scout Merit Badge Class - Space Exploration

Earth's Natural Satellite
East Valley Astronomy Club Newsletter

MESSENGER & New Horizons
The Phoenix Astronomical Society (New Zealand) Newsletter

Treasuring What's Outside of Our Planet By Visual Means: A Blessing
The Phoenix Astronomical Society (New Zealand) Newsletter

Voyagers 1 and 2
Scottsdale Community College


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