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AASO Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


aaso1_s.gif8K aaso2_s.gif7K
Observers: Brad Hamlin, John Sefick, Dennis Mitchell
Location: Albuquerque Astronomical Society Observatory, New Mexico
Date: July 23, 1996

Two images taken at The Albuquerque Astronomical Society Observatory on July 23,1996. Image one at 1:59:25 and image2 at 2:22:22. The telescope was a 16" Astrola 4.5. The camera is a ST-6 exposure time were 5sec and 3 sec respectfully. The second image appears to have a second nucleus. A third image taken 10 minutes later shows it has disappeared. We were wondering if this could have been a flare since this comet is know to be active. It does not appear to be a bright star since none exists in that specific area. All images were taken by Brad Hamlin, John Sefick, and Dennis Mitchell.

[Note: the second "nucleus" in the second image is an image processing artifact, which is explained in more detail here.]

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