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Griffin Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


ampo66_s.gif16K ampo67_s.gif29K ampo68_s.gif23K ampo69_s.gif40K
Observer: Ian Griffin
Location: Astronaut Memorial Planetarium & Observatory, Cocoa, Florida
Date: February 28, 1997 10:06-10:47 UT

First image is a 300 second exposure of Hale Bopp through a 12 inch f5 Maksutov telescope, taken using a Lumicon Swann band filter. Exposure started at 05:06:57 EST. Image has had a dark frame subtracted, been flat fielded, and then gamma and contrast scaled. A false colour pallate has then been applied. Second image is a false colour version of the previous image.

Third image is a 420 second exposure of Hale Bopp taken through a narrow band H20+ emission filter (7000.0 nanometers, 22nm FWHM). Exposure started at 05:47:03 EST. The camera head was guided on the motion of the comet, which gives the star trails visible in the picture. Image taken at the prime focus of a 12" Maksutov telescope, using an SBIG ST8 CCD camera, working in medium resolution mode (18 micron pixels) [Image]

Fourth image is a 180 second exposure of comet Hale Bopp, taken through a narrow band continuum filter centered at 684.0nm (9nm FWHM). Image has been flat fielded, contrast and gamma scaled and a false colour pallate applied.

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