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Griffin Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


ampo77_s.gif62K ampo78_s.gif14K ampo79_s.gif26K ampo80_s.gif16K
Observer: Ian Griffin
Location: Astronaut Memorial Planetarium & Observatory, Cocoa, Florida
Date: March 4, 1997 09:50-10:41 UT

First image is a five minute (300 second) exposure of comet Hale-Bopp. Exposure started at 04:50 EST. A 12 inch Maksutov telescope, working at a focal ratio of f5 was used with an SBIG ST8 CCD camera and a Lumicon Swann Band filter. The CCD was used in medium resolution mode, with 2 by 2 binning, giving a resultant pixel size of 18 microns. The field of view is 0.3 degrees (long axis) by 0.2 degrees (short axis). The image has been processed using Mira. A 45 by 45 median filtered masked image was subtracted from 105% of the original. A false colour pallate was then added.

Second image is the original 300 second exposure used to make the top image on this page. It has been flat fielded and dark subtracted. Third image is a false colour version of the 2nd image.

Fourth image is a wide field view of comet Hale Bopp. This 300 second exposure started at 05:41:17 EST, and was taken through a Kodak Aero Ektar lens, stopped down to f5. A lumicon Swann Band filter was also in the optical train.

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