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Sonderborg Observatory Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


amt1_s.gif5K amt2_s.gif6K
Observer(s): Astrononmy Class (Students Age 16-18)
Location: Sonderborg Observatory, Denmark
Date: December 13, 1996

Comet Hale Bopp - It is still there. Comet Hale Bopp is still visible from our latitude, at 55 North. However, it is becoming an increasingly difficult target, this image was taken while Hale Bopp was merely 5-10 deg above the Western horizon.

100 Sec. CCD photo - Dec 13, 1996 - the Astronomy Class. Vertical Image. Size: 1200 Arcsec. Notice the elaborate tail structure.

5" APO f / 9 mounted piggyback on a user retrained 16" SCT Meade. 100 Sec Single CCD exposures, ST6 CCD.
Photographers : The Astronomy Class - students at grade 11-12 - all at age 16-18 -
email :
Observatory Sonderborg , Denmark : Position 54 Deg 42 N, 9 Deg 48 E.

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