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Ask Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


ask3_s.jpg86K ask4_s.jpg69K ask5_s.jpg30K
Observer: Bengt Ask
Location: Svalov, Sweden
Date: March 17, 1997 01:50-03:35 UT

These images were obtained on March 17, 1997 under a reasonably dark sky using Fuji Super G 800 Plus film. The site is located about 5 km from Svalov in southern Sweden (latitude 55d54' North).

The first picture was taken at 01:50 UT using a 50 mm lens stopped down to somewhere between f/2,8 and f/4 in order to reduce the effects of lens aberrations. Exposure time 8 minutes.

Picture number two was shot at 02:20 UT with a short telephoto lens (f=3D135 mm) stopped down one step to f/4. The film was exposed to the light from the comet for 12 minutes.

The third image was taken at 03:35 UT just before the sunlight started to interfere with my photo session. For this reason the exposure time was limited to 6 minutes and the 400 mm lens was used wide open at = f/5.6.

Bengt Ask

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