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Bourassa/Beauchamp Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


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Observers: Yvan Bourassa, Dominique Beauchamp
Location: Observatoire Alphonse-Tardif, St-Neree, Quebec, Canada
Date: March 16, 1997 09:16, 09:40 UT

First image: Comet Hale-Bopp taken with a Schmidt camera (200mm, f/1.5) by Yvan Bourassa and Dominique Beauchamp from MaestroniX inc. (http: // in Québec at observatoire Alphonse-Tardif. We exposed for 1.5min on Kodak SuperGold ISO 400. The photo has been taken on March 16 at 9h16 UT.

Second image: Inner coma of Hale-Bopp showing one density wave emaning from the nucleus. The picture was taken using a C-14 at prime focus (f/11). We used Kodak SuperGold ISO 400 for this 5 sec. exposure. The equipment is a courtesy of observatoire Alphonse-Tardif. Photo taken at 9h40 UT on March 16 1997.

Dominique Beauchamp

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