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Bourassa/Beauchamp/Gosselin Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observers: Yvan Bourassa, Dominique Beauchamp, Stephane Gosselin
Location: Observatoire Alphonse-Tardif, St-Neree, Quebec, Canada
Date: February 17, 1997 09:08 UT

Image taken with a Schmidt camera by Yvan Bourassa, Dominique Beauchamp and Stephane Gosselin from MaestroniX inc. It was taken on Feb. 17 at 9h08 UT with a focal reducer coupled to a Celestron-14 giving a f-ratio of f/5.6. We can see the coma, the green "shock wave" on the front, the root of the ion tail and of the dust tail. Many details are visible on the original print out. Exposure time of 5 minutes.

Dominique Beauchamp

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