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Benvenuto/Antuna Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observers: Michel Benvenuto, Emmanuel Antuna
Location: Peira Cava, France
Date: March 8, 1997 03:40 UT

This picture was taken in Peira Cava near Nice - France, Long. 07 21 E, Lat 43 53 N. Elevation: 1500 m. The seeing was good, temperature 1=B0 C, 42%= humidity. The picture was taken using a 80mm lens at F/D 5.6, in 4mn on Fuji 800 on a motorized G11 mount. Hale Bopp is 10 degrees below Cocoon Nebula , the head is crescent-like, the straight blueish plasma tail extends at least 10 degrees from the head while the very wide fan-like yellowish dust tail is well separated from it. On the print North America Nebula is visible near the top of the picture.

Michel Benvenuto and Emmanuel Antuna

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