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Cidadao Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Antonio Jose Cidadao
Location: Oeiras, Portugal
Date: August 3, 1995

Notes: Comet Hale-Bopp; 32 images of 60 sec. each in "track-and-
       -accumulate" mode

Telescope: Schmidt-Cassegrin, Meade LX200, 10", f/10, equatorially mounted

Focal reducer (f/6.3): yes

Camera: SBIG ST6

Filter wheel (CFW6-A): yes

Filters: clear

Exposure: 1920 sec.

Date: 08/03/95

Site: Oeiras, Portugal (from my new apartment's "roof-top" observatory)

Image Proc. Software: CCDOPS; PhotoShop

Antonio Jose Cidadao

Rua D. Antonio Luis de Menezes, No9, 3A,         phone: +351-1-4412192
S. Juliao da Barra, Oeiras,
2780 Oeiras
PORTUGAL                                         e-mail:


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