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Chumack Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: John Chumack
Location: John Bryan State Park Observatory, Ohio
Date: February 17, 1997 10:37 UT

The Image on the right is the original, on left is the Inverted view. These images are through a Pentax 35mm camera with a 135mm F2.8 telephoto lens, mounted on my NSF/AAVSO Widefield Camera Platform. Taken on Feb. 17, 1997, starting at 10:37 U.T. for a 8 min. exposure on Agfa HDC 400 35mm negative, developed in my darkroom, pushed 2 stops, C-41 process. Site; John Bryan State Park Observatory, MVAS 23 miles outside of Dayton, Ohio Copyright 1997 John Chumack

John Chumack

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