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Couture Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


cou1_s.gif24K cou2_s.gif8K
Observer: Jean Pierre Couture
Location: Ile Bigras, Laval, Quebec, Canada
Date: February 17, 1997 11:00 UT

Images acquired using a home video camera mounted on a simple photo tripod from a large city suburb. I am sending it to encourage people to go out and see the comet without thinking that sophisticated equipement is needed.=20

Here are the details:

Camera:    Canon L1 (with shutter integration time at 1/8 sec)
Objective: 120 mm - f2.1
Digitiser: CardCam by Quadrant (pcmcia)
Location: Ile Bigras, Laval, Quebec, Ca (suburb of Montreal)
Time: 1997-02-17, 6:00(E.S.T.)
Temp: -25C

First image is the raw image as acquired and second image is cut from the first image with minimal processing using Paint Shop Pro.

Jean Pierre Couture

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