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Durig Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


durig2_s.gif22K durig3_s.gif5K durig4_s.gif5K durig5_s.gif21K durig6_s.gif7K durig7_s.gif20K durig8_s.gif7K durig9_s.gif14K durig10_s.gif6K
Observer: Douglas Durig
Location: Cordell-Lorenz Observatory, Tennessee
Date: February 16, 1997 10:55-11:29 UT

I tried something different when imaging lastnight/this morning. In addition to the ST-6 on the LX200 at f/4 (1220 mm FL, 24x18 arcmin) I piggybacked a second ST-6 with a 60 mm f/5.6 camera lens ( 8x6 deg). Thus I got both wide-field and close up shots. The exposure times, UT for the exposure,FL and comments are listed below:

9       2sec    11:02   60mm
9r      2sec    10:55   1220mm
10      8x15sec 11:05   60mm
10r     12x10s  11:04   1220mm tracking on comet
10rr 12x10s     11:04   1220mm processed to show more details
11      8x30s   11:17   60mm
11r     12x10s  11:16   1220mm tracking on a star
12      1x60s   11:29   60mm   dawn on  the horizon
12r 6x20s       11:27   1220mm tracked on star, note motion during 10 min from 11r

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