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Featherston Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


fea1_s.gif22K fea2_s.gif60K
Observer: Marcus Featherston
Location: Panama City, Florida
Date: February 17, 1997 10:30 UT

Here are a couple of pictures taken this morning of Hale-Bopp. The first is a wide-angle view showing the comet & the horizon. The second is more of a close-up, enhanced in Photoshop to show a little more detail. Both pictures were taken on a stationary tripod. No tracking. Fuji SG-800 film, 1 hour processing at Wal-Mart! Both were taken at approx 1030 UT, just north of Panama City, Florida. There were some high, thin clouds, as seen in the pics, but the comet was still beautiful.

Here are the details:

Wide View: 35mm lens, f/4, 20 second exposure.

Close-Up: 70 mm, f/4, 30 seconds.

Marcus Featherston --

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