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Forrest Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


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Observers: Tim Forrest, Jason Mecurio
Location: Cedar Island, North Carolina
Date: March 8, 1997 08:02-08:12 UT

Jason Mercurio (comet chaser apprentice) observes comet rise,over Pamlico Sound, from Ship Point, Cedar Island, NC. Pentax K1000 FUJI Super G 800 135mm f 2.5 20 sec with flash at exposure end. Note horizon in front of Jason. Comet rise was 0802 UTC. This photo 0804 UTC, winds NW 10 -15 mph, extremely clear, temp 34 F. All conditions are the same for the eight photos that follow. This comet is extremely bright just after clearing the horizon; estimate -0.7 at 20 degrees altitude with an ion tail length of 15 degrees from this location's dark skies.

Tim Forrest

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