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Garcia Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


garcia1_s.gif59K garcia2_s.gif142K garcia3_s.gif98K garcia4_s.gif121K garcia5_s.gif95K
Observer: Alfredo Garcia
Location: Los Padres National Forest, California
Date: August 17, 1996

Images I took of Comet Hale-Bopp back on 17 Aug 96 from my observation site near the Chuchupate Ranger Station, Los Padres National Forest, CA. I took the images using a Meade Pictor 416 prime focus to a Meade 10" f/6.3 LX 200 and shot 8 and 10 sec exposures. I then imaged enhanced the raw images to bring out details. I was surprised to see the comet have such a wide "fantail" as can be seen on my ehnhanced images. Also I noted some material coming off the comet as can be seen in the lower right hand corner of the enhanced images.

Alfredo Garcia, Lt Col, USAF

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