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Hainberg Observatory Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


hain1.jpg16K hain2.jpg25K
Observers: Vadim Burwitz, Markus Koschinsky, Juergen Krieg, Christoph Ritter
Location: Hainberg Observatory, Goettingen, Germany
Date: March 11, 1997 04:29:11 UT

Images taken at the Hainberg Observatory which belongs to the University Observatory in Goettingen, Germany. The first image is a 5 sec unfiltered exposure using our 25 cm refractor at f/16 and an ST-6 CCD camera. The second image shows the interesting results obtained after treating the first image with an adaptive filter.

The Observers are: Vadim Burwitz , Markus Koschinsky, Juergen Krieg and Christoph Ritter

Vadim Burwitz

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