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Hanon Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


hanon4_s.gif17K hanon5_s.gif17K
Observer(s): David Hanon
Location: Ringgold, Georgia
Date: January 20, 1997 11:15-11:20 UT

First image is a (10) sec exposure with a 180mm f/2.5 lens and ST-8 ccd camera. Time of exposure was at 11:15 UT on 01/20/97. The second image is a 60 sec exposure taken with the same setup at 11:20 UT on 01/20/96. Todays images were taken through light clouds and haze and I have a strong sky glow in the East and North. The sky glow will limit the quality of my future images until the comet gets higher. I viewed Hale/Bopp on 01/18 and it was an easy naked eye object and very impressive through binoculars.

David Hanon

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