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Hill Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


hill4_s.gif12K hill5_s.gif5K hill6_s.gif5K hill7_s.gif5K
Observer: Calvin Hill
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas
Date: March 4, 1997 11:35-11:55 UT

First image: Date/Time: 3/4/97 @ 11:35 UT. Comments: the tail near the nucleus. Exposure: (15) 1 sec. stack-and-track integrations.

Second image: Date/Time: 3/4/97 @ 11:42 UT. Comments: Broadband nebula filter. Exposure: (15) 5 sec. stack-and-track integrations.

Third image: Date/Time: 3/4/97 @ 11:45 UT. Comments: Broadband nebula filter. Exposure: (15) 2 sec. stack-and-track integrations.

Fourth image: Date/Time: 3/4/97 @ 11:55 UT. Comments: Infrared 'IR-C' filter. Exposure: (15) 3 sec. stack-and-track integrations.

Cookbook 245 CCD camera on a Meade 8" f/6 reflector. Processed with AIP245 and Multi245.

Copyright 1997 C.E.HILL

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