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Hillebrecht Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


hille1_s.gif22K hille2_s.gif14K
Observer: Rudolf A. Hillebrecht
Location: Grasweg-Observatory, Northern Germany
Date: March 11, 1997 04:06-04:32 UT

The first image shows the nucleus region taken in rgb-color. Camera was an ST 5 with CFW6A filter wheel. Images taken between 4:21 UT and 4:32 UT with blue 25 sec. (5x5), green 10 sec. (5x2) and red 5 sec. (5x1). No further processing than color registering. Taken at normal focus of my 7-inch refractor, f/9. Second image is the nucleus region with several shells and detail taken at the same instrument with a 2x barlow lens at f/18. Time: 4:06 UT with 7 images of 1 sec. each, automatically added by SBIG traccum mode. Log scaled, no further processing.

Rudolf A. Hillebrecht (

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