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Holmes Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


holmes2_s.gif16K holmes3_s.gif23K
Observer: Gary Holmes
Location: Alabama
Date: February 16, 1997 11:20, 11:35 UT

Two images done with the 130mm Celestron Schmidt on the morning of Feb 16. First image is a 5 minute exposure with red filter showing dust tail (1120 UT). Second image is a 1 minute exposure with no filter, showing ion tail as well (1135 UT). Both on hypered Kodak 2415 emulsion. These images are about 3 degrees on a side; for the unfiltered exposure north is to the left (sorry about that), while for the red-light picture the field of view is rotated about 20 degrees clockwise from that orientation. These are subsections of the camera field; the negative shows the ion tail extending off the frame (about 4 degrees from the nucleus).

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