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Royal Greenwich Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


jkt1_t.gif37K jkt2_t.gif36K
Observers: Robin Catchpole, Peters Andrews
Location: Royal Greenwich Observatory, United Kingdom
Date: August 3, 1995 01:35 - 02:00 UT

The comet was imaged by the JKT on 3 August 1995 between 0135 and 0200 hrs using exposures of 250, 250 and 600 seconds, with V, R and B filters. The comet moved significantly during the course of the exposures. The three images obtained have therefore been combined in two ways. In the first the comet is exactly registered causing the stars to blur and in the second image the stars are registered causing the comet to blur.

The field of view is 3.5 arc mins on the side which, at the distance of the comet of 560 million miles, corresponds to 575 000 miles, about the diameter of the moon's orbit about the earth

For further information on these images or the telescopes on La Palma please contact Dr Robin Catchpole or Dr Peter Andrews at the Royal Greenwich Observatory. UK+ (0) 1223 374000.
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