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Kubicek Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


kub2_s.gif17K kub3_s.gif53K
Observer: Pavel Kubicek
Location: Observatory and Planetarium, Teplice, Czech Republic
Date: March 5, 1997 04:10 UT

First image is a mosaic of seven original images taken at 4:10 UT (midtime of exposures) on 03/05/97, 11 seconds each with 150mm (6") Maksutov - Cassegrain f/15 + Barlow lens 1.3x and Cookbook 245 CCD camera. Second image is a result of processing of the same images and reveals inner coma structures - envelopes present there (they are not an artefact of image processing), caused probably by rotating jets.

Pavel Kubicek

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