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Loch Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


loch2_s.gif6K loch3_s.gif7K
Observer: Frank Loch
Location: Center Valley, Pennsylvania
Date: February 25, 1997 10:30, 10:50 UT

First image taken through a #38 dark blue filter at 5:30 AM on 02/25/97. The scope used was a Mead lx200 12" f/10 mounted on a permanent pier. An Optec f/3.3 focal reducer was used feeding an SBIG ST7 CCD camera. The exposure time was 10 seconds. The image has been lightly colorized.

The second image was taken on 2/25/97 at about 5:50 AM in the Eastern sky in the vacinity of the Summer Triangle (near Deneb). This RGB Tri-Color image was taken with the LX200 12" scope and the Optec f/3.3 focal reducer. The image is color combined, using SkyPro software, from three images as: A. Through a #25A red filter for 5 seconds. B. Through a #58 green filter for 5 seconds. C. Through a #38A blue filter for 10 seconds. No other processing was done.

Frank Loch

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