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Loch Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


loch3a_s.gif6K loch3b_s.gif9K loch3c_s.gif12K loch3d_s.gif31K loch3e_s.gif6K Observer: Frank Loch
Location: Center Valley, Pennsylvania
Date: February 25, 1997 10:52 UT

These 5 images were taken on 2/25/97 at 5:52 AM. The exposure time was 60 seconds through a #38A blue filter into the SBIG ST7 CCD camera at 9 micron pixel setting. The image was taken through the LX200 12" f/10 scope and the Optec f/3.3 focal reducer. Both images were processed with MIRA AL software. The "A" image is a grayscale image while the "B" is colorized using the galaxy palette. The "C" image was colorized to show interesting coma details.

Images "D" and "E" were processed using SkyPro software. Image "D" is colorized using a "false color" algorithm, while image "E" is colorized using an "X-Ray" algorithm. It's interesting to note the differences that these various colorizing schemes show in the coma detail! Frank Loch

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