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Masi Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


masi23_s.jpg42K masi22_s.gif14K
Observer: Gianluca Masi
Location: Ceccano, Italy
Date: March 3, 1997 02:39-04:50 UT

Images taken on 3 March. The comet was very impressive, an outstanding object. The moon was above the horizont, but without interference. The first picture presents several images taken on 3 March. The second one shows an elaboration with pseudocolors, that underlines the brightness level of the coma. Dark subtraction: done. Technical informations on the same picture.

Location: Ceccano (FR) Italy, 231 meters above sea level; light pollution. All these images have been log- scaled using a software done by me. They have been taken with a SBIG ST-7 CCD camera.

Gianluca Masi

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