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Siding Springs Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Copyright 1995 Australian National University
Observers: G. Garradd, D. Asher, R. McNaught, D. Steel
Location: Siding Spring Observatory, Australia
Date: August 6, 1995 UT

The tricolour image of Comet Hale-Bopp was made using the ANU 1.0m telescope at Siding Spring Observatory on 6th August 1995. Initially I combined the 120sec R, 240sec V, and a 300sec B image. However, the best B image out of a series of 5 taken through cloud, was about 25mins after the V image. The R and V images were only slightly affected by cloud, but the seeing was measured as 6" to 8" throughout. The result of R + V + B may have gone well in an exhibition of modern art, with large yellow (R+V) and blue stars everywhere. To improve the appearance I "synthesized" a B image from the V by multiplying it by 0.5 and then applying an offset to restore the background level. The appearance of the comet is essentially identical in the 2 images, but the background starfield is much more pleasing. The yellow colour of the coma on the North side of the comet indicates it is composed of dust and is shining by reflected sunlight. R image 120sec start 12:43:13 UT, V image 240sec start 12:48:52 North is to the right.

Observers G.J. Garradd, D.J. Asher, R.H. McNaught and D.I. Steel Tricolour image prepared by G.J. Garradd.
Copyright Australian National University 1995

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