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Mutti Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


mutt12_s.jpg4K mutt13_s.jpg2K
Observer: Martin Mutti
Location: Stockerenweg 1, Wichtrach, Switzerland
Date: March 22, 1997 20:01:33-20:04:01 UT

CCD color image taken March 22 1997

Time:                   20:01:33 - 20:04:01 UTC
Telescope:              Schmidt-Cassegrain 2m / f10
Guiding:                Zeiss Telementor

Observatory:            Stockerenweg 1, Wichtrach, Switzerland
CCD-Camera:     Imaging:SBIG ST-7 HiRes mode: 1 Pixel = 0.9 arcsec.
                Guiding:SBIG ST-4
                        IR stop + red, green, blue filter
Integrations:           red:    1 X 10 sec
                        green:  1 X 15 sec
                        blue:   1 X 50 sec
                        total:  75 sec
Image manipulation:     dark substract
                        Prewitt Filter 
Imaging software:       CCDOPS36, PRISM

First image shows the spiral jet near the core. The center is blurred out. Second image shows the center of the spiral jet.

Martin Mutti

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