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Mutti Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Martin Mutti
Location: Oberwichtrach, Switzerland
Date: February 22, 1997 04:31:46-05:19:37 UT

I have taken this morning a CCD color image of Hale Bopp with a 55mm foto objective from my home in oberwichtrach, switzerland. CCD color image taken Feb 22 1997 (Full Moon).

Time:                   04:31:46 - 05:19:37 UT
Telescope:              Objective Minolta MD Macro F=3D55mm f/1.7 stopped by f/4
Observatory:            Stockerenweg 1, Wichtrach, Switzerland
CCD-Camera:             SBIG ST-7 HiRes mode
Size:                   7.2=B0 x 4.8=B0
                        IR stop + red, green, blue filter
Integrations:           red:    2 X 120 sec
                        green:  2 X 180 sec
                        blue:   2 X 600 sec
                        total:  1800 sec
Image manipulation:     dark substract, flat field
Imaging software:       CCDOPS36, PRISM

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