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Persson Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


pers1.jpg92K pers2_s.jpg92K
Observer: Henrik Persson
Location: Denmark
Date: March 18, 1997 02:58, 03:40 UT

First image: 1 sec. exposure at 03/18/97 2.58 UT, Pictor 416 through 10" f/10 LX200 with f/6.3 focal reducer. Processed to reveal details in coma. The tail is not visible in this representation, but points upwards.

Second image: 90 sec. exposure at 03/16/97 03.40 UT, Pictor 416 with 55mm camera lens plus extension ring mounted on LX200 for tracking. Ugly blooming effect has been removed below coma. Fuzzy object near bright star between tails is an artifact - probably a reflection.

Henrik Persson, Denmark

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