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Pic du Midi Observatory Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Alain Klotz
Location: Pic du Midi Observatory, France
Date: March 4, 1997 06:00 UT

This image was obtained with the new infrared camera (MOICAM) on the TBL (Telescope Bernard Lyot) at Pic du Midi Observatory. The TBL is a 200 cm telescope, we used the F/D = 8 focus, so with the NICMOS III (256 x 256 pixels) the field of view is of 2 arcmin on the diagonal. This image is the result of a median on 12 single frames. The exposure time of each frame is of 0.5 second. We used a K filter which is close to be a continuum or "dust" filter. North is down. The "waves" are clearly visible like on CCD images.

Contact: Francois Colas (

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