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Poznan Observatory Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


poz1_s.gif8K poz2_s.gif8K poz3_s.gif8K
Observers: Tomasz Kwiatkowski, Tadeusz Michalowski
Location: Poznan Observatory, Poland
Date: January 17, 1997 05:20 UT

The first image is a 10 second exposition obtained on 17 Jan, 5:20 UT from Borowiec Station of Poznan Observatory in Poland. It was obtained with a 25 cm, F=1500 mm Newton and an ST-6 CCD camera (the frame is corrected for dark current and flat field). The image is 20 arcminutes long and 12 arcminutes wide.

The second image has been unsharp masked to reveal subtle details in the coma. The third image is a standard rainbow mapping of different intensity levels within the coma. Approximate direction of the cometary motion and the direction towards the Sun help to interpret the picture.

Note that this image was obtained 6 hours before the Ian Griffin's image of 17 January and there are common stars on both pictures, which make it possible to composite them.

Observers: Tomasz Kwiatkowski and Tadeusz Michalowski.

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