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Ray/Bannerman Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


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Observers: Glenn Ray, Richard Bannerman, Craig Bannerman
Location: Cleveland, Texas
Date: March 6, 1997 11:03-12:02 UT

First Image
Camera:    Pentax 645 (4x5), 200mm f/4
Film:      Kodak Pro 1000
Exposure:  5 minutes (piggy-backed on C-8)
Time:      Started @ 11:03am UT
Notes:     North is left. North American nebula barely visible in upper left

Second Image
Camera:    Celestron 8", f/5.6 reducer/corrector, prime focus
Film:      Fujichrome (Provia) 1600 (P +2)
Exposure:  60 seconds
Time:      11:47am UT
Notes:     North is up. Bluish hue likely from twilight (began around 5:35am

Third Image
Camera:    Pentax 645 (4x5) 75mm f/2.8
Film:      Kodak Pro 1000
Exposure:  2 seconds
Time:      12:02 UT
Notes:     Camera piggy-backed on C-8 (angled @ 30 deg.)

Photos taken from a site approx. 11 miles east of Cleveland, TX (55 miles NNE of Houston). Negatives/transparency scanned and loaded into Adobe Photoshop 4.0. Levels adjusted and sharpening applied.

Visually, tail length approximately 5 degrees; pale-yellow in color. Estimated magnitude 0.5 (brighter than Altair). This comet seems brighter than my memory of Comet West (but, in 1976, I was viewing in Houston, towards the city).

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