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Ray Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


ray5_s.jpg27K ray6_s.jpg32K
Observers: Glenn Ray, Lee Ray
Location: Cleveland, Texas
Date: March 21, 1997 11:14-11:30 UT

First Image 
Camera:    Celestron 8", f/5.6 reducer/corrector, prime focus, Hasselblad
503CX body
Film:      Kodak Pro 1000 
Exposure:  90 seconds 
Time:      Started @ 11:14 am UT 
Notes:     North is up.

Second Image 
Camera:    Hasselblad 503CX, 65mm f/2.8 
Film:      Kodak Pro 1000
Exposure:  5 seconds 
Time:      11:30am UT 
Notes:     Shot of Glenn Ray in silhouette pointing up at comet.  Photograph
by Lee Ray.  

Photos taken from a site approx. 11 miles east of Cleveland, TX (55 miles NNE of Houston). Negatives scanned and loaded into Adobe Photoshop 4.0. Levels adjusted and minor sharpening applied.

Visually, tail length approximately 8 degrees; pale-yellow in color. Estimated magnitude > 0.0 (brighter than Vega). One of the most memorable events during the session was watching both the Milky Way and the comet's tail brighten (and lengthen) just after moonset.

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