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Renneke Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


renn5_s.gif16K renn6_s.gif18K
Observer: David Renneke
Location: Milan, Illinois
Date: August 13, 1996 04:16, 05:16 UT

First picture was taken from a rural site at 10:16 pm CDT using a Meade 8" telescope and an SBIG ST-6 CCD camera. This was a 10 second exposure. The size of the photo is 28' x 18'. The comet was a distance of 2.75 AU from Earth. The streak shown just above the comet is a meteor from the Perseid meteor shower!

The second picture was taken at 11:16 pm - exactly one hour after the above picture was taken. It is framed with the same star field to make the comet movement more evident. The brightest star in this picture has a magnitude of only 13.1 based on information from the Hubble Guide Star Catalog CD.

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