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Schwittek Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


sch4_s.gif10K sch5_s.gif5K
Observer: Bill Schwittek
Location: Peachland, North Carolina
Date: March 12, 1997 09:50 UT

Images of HB were all taken from Peachland, NC on Fuji Super G+ 400 film thru an Astro-Physics 155mm f/7 scope. All negatives scanned directly-no print. Very short exposure (15 sec) to show detail in nucleus. Second image is the same negative but exposed to attempt to show the "bands" or "arcs" eminating from the comet nucleus. These bands are very obvious visually with high magnification (3 to 4 can be easiliy seen) but quite subtle in the photo image.

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