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Timm Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


timm2_s.jpg30K timm3_s.gif38K
Observer: Rainer Timm
Location: Bavarie/Munich, Germany
Date: February 28, 1997 03:18, 04:15 UT

Two photos of the beautifull comet Hale-Bopp. First image was taken 25 km western munich (Bavarie, Germany) at 28.02.97 03.18 UT,it shows the very long blue tail and the half so long dust tail. Second image taken at Castle Nymphenburg in the middle of Munich at 28.02.1997 04.15 UT. There is too much light over the city, so it is different from the other picture taken 25 km western Munich - you can`t see the tails. Both pictures are taken by Nikon EM, 50mm f1,8 15.sec.

Rainer Timm

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