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Vesely Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


ves13_s.gif21K ves14_s.gif13K ves15_s.gif7K
Observer: Jan Vesely
Location: Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Date: March 18, 1997 02:54-03:49 UT

First image is mosaic of two 60 sec. exposures taken on March 18, 1997 at 02:53:43 UT and 03:01:39 UT by photographic lens 2.8/50 with CCD camera PixCel 255. The images were log-scaled and brightness-contrast balanced before co-adding.

The second image is tri-color exposure by CCD camera PixCel 255 and photographic lens 2.8/50. Red exposure started on March 18, 1997 at 03:20:10 UT and lasted 120 sec. The green exposure is 1.5x longer and the blue exposure is 2x longer then red one.

Third image is taken by photographic lens 4/300 and CCD camera PixCel 255. 30 s exposure started on March 18, 1997 at 03:48:47 UT. The image was log-scaled.

Jan Vesely

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