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Wehner Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


weh8_s.gif59K weh9_s.gif36K
Observer: Fred Wehner
Location: Hochstetten, Germany
Date: March 9, 1997 5:15 CET

The first image is taken with a Pentax 1:1.4 50mm on Kodak Tri-X-Pan with 25 sec exposure time.
The 2nd images is taken with a Pentax 1:2.5 200mm on Kodak Tri-X-Pan and 10 sec exp. time.
In this morning the conditions were good (new moon, less haze). The Ion-tail seemed to be fainter than one week ago, but you can clearly see its double structure on the 2nd image.
The visual magnitude of Hale-Bopp in this morning was about ~ 0.6 m

Fred Wehner

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