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Wielinga Drawings of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Robert Wielinga
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Date: February 26-27, 1997

February 26 1997, 04.20 - 04.45 UT 20 x 80 binocular Magnitude (naked eye): + 1.0 A small tail was visible with the naked eye (2 degrees). In the binoculars the comet had a very bright starlike nucleus. A bright jet was visible, causing a long bright stream in the comets tail. The field of view is about 4 degrees.

February 27 1997, 04.45 - 04.55 UT 185x (17mm Plosl) 261mm Merz-refractor of Public Observatory Sonnenborgh Magnitude (naked eye): + 1.0 or even a little brighter! The view in the 26 cm refractor was beyond words! Lots of details were visible: fountains, jets, and waves it was all there! Bright and clearly visible.

Robert Wielinga, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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