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Yen Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


yen5_s.gif21K yen6_s.gif22K
Observer: Bob Yen
Location: Mojave Desert, California
Date: February 20, 1997

First image is a telephoto shot, using a 6x7 camera & 300mm/4 lens (the same field of an 150mm lens, 35mm format). Taken during moonlight conditions, with moon (almost full phase) near western horizon. Looks like a daylight comet, doesn't it? (Wow, it IS a great comet.. :-) ) Remember, moonlight is reflected sunlight, so that's why the terrain looks like it is during daytime.

Second image is a wide-angle scenic shot, using a 6x7 camera & 105mm/2.4 lens (the same field of an 50mm lens, 35mm format). Fill-flash used to illuminate foreground. I had a 3rd sky-tracking photo rig located *inside* a miniature canyon, just INCREDIBLY beautiful/picturesque. What a finale to the photo-session. Taken during deep twilight, as evidenced by the bluish-sky background. The fact that the comet and near-nucleus coma is still recordable, testifies to its brightness. As Jimi Hendrix lyric goes, *Excuse me, I could kiss the sky!*. Hey brudda, that says it all.

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