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Yen Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


yen7_s.gif56K yen8_s.jpg68K
Observer: Bob Yen
Location: Mojave Desert, California
Date: February 19, 1997 12:56 UT

First image is a telephoto shot, using a 6x7 camera & AstroPhysics 610mm/6 APO refractor (~ the same field of my 300mm f1.5 Schmidt Camera, at twice the FL). Note the broad fan-like dust-tail (with faint outer extension). The ion tail consists of 2 sub-tails (*forked*, barely separable), and surrounding needle-fine streamers. Note the nearby deep-sky object NGC6940 (open cluster). The PhotoCD scan was biased to bring out outer tail (shadow detail). The negative shows 2 strong jets, each associated with the respective ion-tail and dust-tail.

The second image is a telephoto shot, using a 6x7 camera & 300mm/4 lens (the same field of an 150mm lens, 35mm format). Same notes as for 610mm telephoto shot, except the entire tail length is visible. It reaches the nebulosity along the spine of Cygnus, and I measure at least 11 deg. However, due to *extinction* by Milky Way, the tail could be longer. Note how the outer ion tail *fans* out. Finally, note the various deep sky objects in Cygnus (open clusters), particularly the (faint) eastern portion of Veil Nebula (NGC 6960). A portion of the western portion (NGC 6979) is also visible (faint).

Bob Yen
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