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Zlender Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


zle8_s.jpg6K zle9_s.jpg38K
Observer: Udo Zlender
Location: Bonn, Germany
Date: March 22, 1997 04:26 UT

These two ccd-images of comet Hale-Bopp were made at the prime focus of a Celestron C11 at 4:26 UT. Camera was OES LcCCD14 in 2x2 binning mode, exp. time was 3 seconds, no filters were used. The pictures are a combination of 9 images which were dark subtracted, flat fielded, log scaled, registered and median combined. To enhance details in the nuclear region the second image was further processed by an unsharp mask. As this technique also degrades the signal to noise ratio, outer layers of the coma become visible here. This a rare example where more noise brings out more information.

Udo Zlender

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