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Dot von Kármán Lectures and other JPL Events

Dot For information on JPL tours and the Speakers Bureau, visit our PUBLIC SERVICES site.

Dot The Solar System Ambassador Program sponsors events in communities around the country. Find out how to become a volunteer Solar System Ambassador.

Archived Webcasts:
Dot 2002
Dot 2001

2003 Lecture Series Season

Jan. 23 & 24
   Topic: Using Space Technology to Understand Earthquakes

Feb. 20 & 21
   Topic: New Weather and Climate Tools for the 21st Century

Mar. 20 & 21
   Topic: The Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn

Apr. 17 & 18
   Topic: Mars Global Surveyor Across the Centuries

May 8 & 9
   Topic: Challenges in Mobility and Robotics for In Situ Science

Jun. 12 & 13
   Topic: SIRTF - The Last of the Great Observatories

Jul. 17 & 18
   Topic: Searching and Crawling, A Few JPL Research Robots

Aug. 21 & 22
   Topic: The Mars Exploration Rovers - Robotic Geologists

Sep. 18 & 19
   Topic: Galileo's Odyssey - The Worlds of Jupiter

Oct. 16 & 17
   Topic: Cosmic Jets: New Building Blocks of the Universe

Nov. 20 & 21
   Topic: Deep Space Network Challenge for 2003 - 2004: Tracking Dozens of Mission Critical Spacecraft Events

Dec. 11 & 12
   Topic: Pointing the Way to Exoplanetary Systems - New Initiatives in Space Astronomy and the Legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope

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