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Fragment D Observation Reports


Fragment D - No flash

CCD imaging at Perth observatory of Io, Europa, and the limb of Jupiter with a duty cycle of only about 30% did not reveal any obvious flashes associated with the impact of fragment D. Photometric analysis will be required to remove large scintillation effects.

Mike A'Hearn

First report from Okayama Astrophysical Observatory

We observed the plumes of C and D with Near-IR camera attached to 188cm telescope at Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

Thermal plume of C appeared 07:17 UT on July 17 on 2.36 micron images. It was the brightest around 07:21. The decay phase was observed over one hour. Thermal plume of D appeared 12:01 UT on July 17, but it is fainter than that of C.

J. Watanabe, T. Yamashita, H. Hasegawa, S. Takeuchi, M. Abe, Y. Hirota, E. Nishihara, A. Mori, S. Okumura,

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