Instrument Investigators Description Some Scientific Objectives

Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer

Investigator Team Lead: Hunter Waite

University of Michigan Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences

INMS is designed to measure composition and density variations of low energy ions and neutral species using a dual radio frequency quadrupole mass analyzer with a mass range of 1-99 amu, two electron multipliers operated in pulse-counting mode to cover the dynamic range required, and two separate ion sources. The sensor will be opened to the ambient atmosphere after Saturn orbit insertion. Measure in-situ composition and density variations, with altitude, of low energy positive ions and neutrals in Titan's upper atmosphere, measure in-situ composition of low energy positive ions and neutrals in the environments of the icy satellites, rings and inner magnetosphere of Saturn, where densities are above measurement threshold and ion energies are below ~100 eV. Many more objectives. Mounted on the Fields and Particles Pallet (see the photograph [AA] on page [tbd]), INMS has no articulation capability.

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