Instrument Investigators Description Some Scientific Objectives


Principal Investigator: David Southwood

Imperial College, London

Dual Technique Magnetometer comprises a Vector (magnitude and direction)- Scalar (magnitude only) Helium Magnetometer (V/SHM), and a Fluxgate Magnetometer used to make vector field measurements.

Optically pumped V/SHM can operate in either vector (accuracy better than 0.5%) or scalar (accuracy better than 0.01%) mode.

Determine Saturn's internal magnetic field, develop 3D model of Saturn's magnetosphere, determine magnetic state of Titan and its atmosphere;

Derive empirical model of Titan's electromagnetic environment, investigate interactions of Titan with the magnetosphere, magnetosheath, and solar wind;

Survey ring and dust interactions with the electromagnetic environment, study interactions of icy satellites with magnetosphere, investigate structure of magnetotail and dynamic processes therein.

At Earth flyby in 1999 the fiberglass MAG boom was deployed, placing sensors respectively 5.5m and 11m from the spacecraft. It had remained stowed for thermal reasons since launch.

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