Instrument Investigators Description Some Scientific Objectives

Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument

A particle in-situ instrument capable of taking remote-sensing images.

Principal Investigator: Stamatios Krimigis

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

The ion and neutral camera (INCA) obtains 3D distribution, velocities, and rough composition of magnetospheric and interplanetary ions where fluxes are very low. INCA also has unique ability to obtain remote images of global distribution of energetic neutral emission from hot plasmas in magnetosphere, measuring composition and velocities for each image pixel. MIMI includes the low-energy magnetospheric measurements system (LEMMS) to sense low- and high-energy proton, ion, and electron angular distributions; and the charge-energy-mass spectrometer (CHEMS) to measure charge and composition of ions in the most energetically important portion of magnetospheric plasma. Study magnetosphere- ionosphere coupling through remote sensing of aurora and measurements of energetic ions and electrons, investigate plasma energization and circulation processes in the magnetotail;

Determine the magnetosphere- satellite interactions through imaging and composition studies. Many more objectives.

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